funerary cone Ramose

funerary cone Ramose

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This is a funerary cone made for Ramose.

It is from Tomb 132 at Thebes.

Over a long period, it was fashionable to place clay funerary cones, about 300 of them, above the tomb entrance. Egyptologists think they represented the sun, and so gave a link to rebirth. The end is usually stamped with the name and titles of the dead person. This one was made for ‘Royal Sealer, Sole Companion, Great Scribe of the King, Overseer of the Treasures of the Lord of the Two Lands Taharqa, true of voice, Ra-mose, begotten of the lady of the House Tjes-mehyt-peret, true of voice’. Like so many civil servants, Ramose held several posts.


This is a funerary cone made for Ramose. It is made from clay. It is over 2,670 years old, dating to the 25th Dynasty in the reign of Taharqa (690-664 BCE) in the Late Period.

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