funerary couch

funerary couch

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This is a funerary couch.

It is from Egypt but the exact location is unknown.

Embalmers needed two tables, one for the wet processes of removing the internal organs, washing and drying out the body, and another for the dry processes of oiling and wrapping the body. This wooden table would probably have been used for the dry processes, although the deep sides may have made wrapping difficult. Egyptians would not have used a painted wooden table for the wet and messy processes. After about 300 BCE, the practice of mummification declined in Egypt. It was condemned as pagan by the Christian Coptic church, and most people were given a simple burial.


This is either a funerary couch, or a coffin trough in the shape of a funerary bed. It is made from wood. It is over 1,800 years old, dating to about 200 AD in the Roman Period.

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