heart scarab

heart scarab

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This is a heart scarab amulet. This object is from Egypt but the exact location is unknown.

It was feared that a heart might testify against its owner to condemn them at the judgement in the afterlife. Heart scarabs were often placed within the bandages of the mummy to prevent this. They were usually inscribed with Chapter 30 from the Book of the Dead: “O my heart which I had upon earth, do not rise up against me as a witness in the presence of the lord of things; do not speak against me concerning what I have done, do not bring up anything against me in the presence of the great god of the west…” This one has the prenomen of Rameses II incised on the bottom, but this is probably a modern addition to make the heart scarab more attractive to a tourist as a souvenir.

This is a heart scarab amulet. It is made from serpentine stone. We do not know how old this object is.

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