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This is a mummified cat.

It is from the burial chambers around the temple at Istabl Antar near Beni Hassan.

Bastet was the cat-goddess and local deity of the town of Bubastis. From the Late and Ptolemaic Periods (about 747-30 BCE), priests at her temples began killing cats to mummify them. The mummified cats were sold to people coming to worship Bastet, and left at the temples as offerings. This mummy was x-rayed at Manchester Royal Infirmary in 2007 and was found to contain a complete cat skeleton. 

This is a mummified cat. It is made from a cat’s body wrapped in linen. (The bandages were covered in net as part of the treatment by textile conservators in 2007. This will protect the bandages whilst on display.)   It is about 2,300 years old, dating from the Late Period (about 747-332 BCE).

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